Monday, August 30, 2010


tak saba yea nak post ?haha serius i m happyy so much sebelum berbuka Anne text blik saya?Wow extraordinary happy rasanyaa Bila dapat text dari ANNE do you how it is FEel Naaa You cant because she test me Bloggie not You haha.She is not angry with me and she didn't leave me alone Lahh.I was wrong hee.Anne thanks so muchh so so Muchhh anne no word in the dictionary can dscribe how happy i am right now Lalala Dear ALLAH if you are hearing My prays everyday The most important dont make She 2 Leave me and hate Me and I want 2 be With her until we married and she is for me and i am for her and until i die Aminnn=)

Anne thanks again dah tak tau nak cakap ape dahh Terima kasihh dan jangan lpe apa majid cakap tadi ehh=)

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