Friday, November 4, 2011


Yes i can do it.

but sometimes my heart say i am to weak.

i am to jealous i hate it.

I am single and I can do it without a Soul mate.

But when I like someone I want She only For ME.!

But i know it is Wrong no one belongs to anybody We all belong to Allah s.w.t

I want a simple life like everybody Having right One.Being jealous watching them?naa no.

Sometimes as a Normal Human being you don't want to get Hurt again and again.

I hate to hear again CAN WE JUST BE FRIEND?because Every time i am In love i Hear that.

Enough is Enough Please Majid Don't fall in love Please I ask you.Be strong I am Men.

One day SHE i don't who SHE is where is SHE how do SHE looks is SHE beautiful?

I don't But i Know That One day SHE will come and grab myhand.

I am the person you are Looking for.

I promise to you that my Love is only For you.

P/s:It is about me not relate to anybody.I have right to talk and write at my Blog.
Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes just be an illusion

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