Monday, April 9, 2012


On the other side of a street I knew
Stood a girl that looked like you
I guess that's déjà vu
I thought this can't be true.

Can i get permission to write something that i feel?what i feel nothing i can feel.

Time pass away day by day
Time is running fast then i thought
I am getting older and Older
Soon or Later My time is Near.
Love?it just stay a word for me No feelings.
I am not strong Enough Any more to fight the Emotions the feelings.
One day Will come And that day i will Be in Love again.
I don't know when but one day.
Why i am writing such a stupid thing like this?i also done know but my english,is getting poor
because of what?lake of reading books.
People just stay as who there are some Change to better.
Crying for love?For women?done no more crying.
Be a Men Cry For you Sins Not for Love Cry because You are Scared to allah Not because You didn't get a love from a women.

When you are loosing hope just remember that the love Of Allah is greater than disappointments and the plans of Allah about my life are better than my dreams.

p/s:Just ignore the post if you don't like it.

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