Friday, September 14, 2012

Unknown Wife This is For you :)

This is for you insyaallah i Promise we will build our love only for Allah,We Will raise Up Our Kids to Jihad in Allah ways!I will take all the responsibility i will make sure Our family will Meet at Jannah,Your parents are like my parents,And my Parents are like your Parents We will take care of them until they Meet Allah S.w.t.

I will try my best to be the best for you.I will never let You Fall i will stand Up for you insyaallah Keep my words Even do i don't who are you?How do you look?But it is Allah Plans and i will follow as He plans !We will Leave and Build a Family like our Prophet Muhammad S.a.w How he teach to be a husband and wife insyaallah.

P/s:I love you very very Much For sake Of allah ;')

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