Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Assalamualaikum how are you dear blog? i hope you are doing well when i'm not around. It has been 3 months since my last post on 30 march. Harinie tarikh 2 June how fast time flies. So much things happen in a half of a year people come and people go. Some people stay some just go away and i feel how short life is. At has been a very busy life belajar, kerja and sometimes i feel so damn tired like want to quit all of it at one time.
But i cant quit like that, only cowards blame people when they feel want to fail. Is was not people choice, it was my decision to take the risk. So i will take the risk and move on with courage and strengthens. I was really stress for last few week going home late for. Keluar kerja 730 pagi balik 11 malam? how lifeless i fee. Balik buat assignment then tidur.
I was thinking a lot of thing, financial problem, if want to quit this job can i find another job? Then i realize i was too stress out. I need a full stop for all of this.
I forget three things in my life, Redho and Bersabar, Bersyukur. Three things that you need the most in life because life will hit you until you have to stand on your knee, that is life. Sebab Tuhan dah kata orang berjaya di dunia adalah orang orang yang bersabar. Redho atas pemberiannya dan belajar bersyukur dan dia akan tambahkan lagi rezeki.
 I think i have to take easy, slow down all the things, start from the beginning and i'm not going to give up i will face it. Even how hard is going to be, i will make it done. May God bless me with His Mercy and Kindness. 

Abdul Majid
1223 am


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