Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Down gle arinie=(

Sedih gila arinie tak tau lah knp sampai smua orang tnye jid ok ke?

i am fine.Balik umah tadi mak cakap'majid why looking very sad?did anything happen at school?'i wish i can teLL you mom but i cant.Mom you wiLL never undrstand.I try my best 2 make everyone happy and myself to.But it really hurts inside.Painful i have feelings i never point any people for things that happen 2 me.It is my fault i admit it.Tapi saya pun manusia biasa saya pun buat kesilapan.Mak nak tukar sekolah boleh tak?
Klaulah mak bg?seronoknye.Tapi it is too late patutnye masa fom 3 dulu blaja betul2 and masuk asrama takde masalah camnie kan.So i want 2 do mybest and on My SPM and want go far from aLL the problem and From malaysia If i can?Forget aLL the things i do want 2 make my parents Sad and my BEsties FIZLAH.Thanks weyh walaupun kau tkde kat sisi tapi kau tetap di hati.HArap2 dapat naik kapal terbang yg sama Hee australia kan?
Tima kaseh kat sape2 yg penah jadi kwan saya?and skang nie dah tak nak kwn saya.Thanks for aLL the sweet memories Time maybe past and blow all the memories but i cant blow the things that stiLL in myheart Hope you bhgia lah and all the best.

These lonely night are so hard to get through
I Will Keep You in my Eyes by making you a Dream

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