Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Awkward, Matured or Confuse ?

Assalamualaikum and Hey, it seems like i have not been writing this few months, i wonder getting older is not fun at all sometimes. For the past weeks i feel like something is missing and i don't what it is ? i feel like i lost the spark of happiness. Happiness is something all people want, same goes to me.I feel like what the thing is missing ? why can i have a normal conversation even with my friends i feel like why am i being quiet ? is it because i am so sensitive ? i really don't why. I miss the old me, damn miss it. Is it because i think a lot ? life is full of question now. People don't have time for you, all the people have their  own problems, nobody going to stop and listen what is going with you? are you okay. I tend to make other people, but i'm not happy myself. Dia ada satu perasaan macam ada benda tak kena, pernah lalui tak? taktau lah bila benda nie nak okay. Tapi kalau lama, is going to be really bad i think so. Some people make fun of your life i think is very bad they feel you are not fit enough you are too weak, you are loser. But the ain't know what shit you have been go through. But some people went through more worst then i, they didn't give up. They wake up from every failure, your opponent he doesn't exist you know why ?Because, he is a dissenting voice to the truth you speak. Im sorry dear blog, because i become a human bila perlu baru cari, tak perlu kita boleh lupakan. I just need some place to tell what i feel. Sorry and thank you.

Abdul Majid 
25 April 2017

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