Friday, October 1, 2010


No matter how far you are or where you are

No matter how much space between us
But I will wait for you with hope in my heart
My love still lonely and search for your soul

I try to fill my day
With lots of things to do

But I continue to drift
Wondering where you are
Do you have any idea
That on my heart you've left a scar

You have priorities
Places you have to be
I'm just so very sad
There's no place for me

I fell in love with you
The keeper of my heart
It's just very hard for me
Since we've been apart

I think you're amazing
A very wonderful women
You pulled me in your web
I became your greatest fan

Just thinking of you
Makes my heart race
There's no one like you
Who brings a glow to my face

Did you ever stop to see
That each time we were together
I would melt within your eyes
A feeling I'll always treasure

When I stop to think
All that we've been through
I can't help but realize
I'm addicted to you.

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