Tuesday, December 14, 2010


haha aku sangat Pening kepala bila pikir pasal Cite cinta sebab aku dah fail Banyak kali tapi aku tak kesahh pun sebab aku dah biasa Cuma 2 lahh kita kan ada perasaan when We someone is Happy and You will Think argh why not me?being happy at that person Place.Yeah thats what i think just imagine how funny someone break your heart
but you still love them with the small pieces of your heart kan. I fail 2 times in mysecondry time but it doesnt mind lahh i learn a lot from myfailure to be More strong
lahh takpelah i dont care about girls anymore haha mylife my way lah penat dah ikut cakap orang.Bila benda 2 nak datang biar lahh datang tak datang tak kesah pun aku dah bosan dah kering air mata.True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.Yeah thats true So decision wait for the love 2 come never searched it ok Fine than^__^

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