Thursday, August 18, 2011

dont watch.

Forget those who hate you forget those who don't love you
Remember the one that always be with you when you are crying or smiling remember the one that always love you.

  • Because when One day there are gone you will regret your whole life what i do while the were alive?Everyone have problems,life without problems means you are not a human being what ever problems Come there is way to solve It, know want promise you life could be perfect.You must make it perfect because it is your Life Not me,there,them or anybody.Is all in your hand one decision and the right One and it is solve don't make yourself being dumb Show to the world i can I am strong Don't forget Who create you He is watching you from up there anywhere you are always pray To Him Allah s.w.t to make your stronger enough to face all the problems he will lead you to the way of success =)

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