Sunday, May 1, 2011


beluliis:  The Royal Family.

Dear sir william ar you willing to take Kate as you wife?
Yes I do.Kate do you willing to take William as your Husband?Yes i do Okay
Now you may kiss you bride heee=)
Okay you want to know one thing?haha i know about Lady diana Since i was Kid okay,
when she was doing Charity all around the World and my Mother Love Her so much and thats why i know so much about her i have so much Picture Of Lady Diana When She died At 31 august 1997 the whole was shock and Like what?Lady diana die in a Car Crush.I have read A book That written by ChrisTopher Andersen The Book title is THE DAY DIANA DIED and in the book diana Always says:
When I go home turn My Light Off at the Night I know I did
The best.
And from me yeahh You had did the best and your son also did the best i think I hope your are happy seeing your son happy Up at the Sky=)

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