Thursday, June 16, 2011

the only expection

Love is just a easy word to spell
to write to tell someone but if you want to get it,is so hard to get
and once you get the love don't ever make a mistake in relationship if you make ask for a sorry
and is done all the mistake is been erased.Don't ever waste your time when you spend your time with her or him look into his or her eyes with full of love tell with your eyes that you love her or him.For some part of people for them love is just a time passing or love is just for a entertainment is very wrong.More than that if you love someone just tell them don't keep it inside and make yourself in pain.If she doesn't accept you smile and say thanks for being honest.Don't ever be sad because she left your behind,if you love her, set her free. If she returns she will always yours. If she didn't come back just smile and and go on with your life and Think she is happy with someone else that is better than me Is great.Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometime just be an illusion,understand that first.Same goes to a Girl in love okay.For those who are in love take a good care of your love don't argue for a small 2 thing give and take in love is very important try to understand your Lover.Don't ever think a Men hate you when he is in love with because once a men in love with you he will always.Some of you say arrg rubbish men is Player in love True men and a matured men will never play with his love.He will always find a way to make you smile smile and smile.Don't just give up with him for a silly mistake and regret after you left him find a way to solve the problem don't make the problem bigger be matured.Same goes to a Men don't left your Girls behind if you can do a great things only small things with great love is enough for her.So if you are in love run the love everyday with happy Love doesn't no come to everyone and not everyone get what they want be grateful because you get what you want.For those that all still looking for their love Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is the one thing you can't see.Love is like a mountain hard to climb but once you climb up to the top the view is heaven just Smile and Think god is there for me is enough One day,one day my angel will come and Pick me up with her in her journey and that time You will be the most grateful men is the world.


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