Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Minus Plus

There's a lot of paths in life
We have to be wise in selecting Our Path.
Sometimes,we choose the Wrong path
But there's chance to correct The Wrong path.
Just Wisdom is needed And not to give up in life.

In Life sometimes we're on top
Sometimes we're on bottom It's rule of life
There's no other way to escape in Life.

No matter how,
We have to face Life And make our Self impenetrable
with obstacles in life

Life Could be full of happiness
Life also Could be full of tears
Laughter's may cheer our life with happiness
Enjoy your life as it can make your life happier
Your life could be meaningless if you do not appreciate your life.

P/s:Don't Forget Someone is Watching Your From Up there
Allah S.W.T.

Abdul Majid

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